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Gun Safety Tips for Homes with Households with Children More than thirty percent of households in the US have guns. If you have a firearm and you have children in your house, you need to explain to them the potential dangers and how they must act when they find a gun. First, always keep the weapon out of sight and out of reach. Second, always keep the gun locked and empty, and the ammunition must be stored separately. Playing with Guns It is your personal decision whether or not you let your kids play with toy guns, and how you respond when they “shoot” during play. Remember, you may ban toy guns at home, but their friends may still have them. You need to explain to the kids that real guns can seriously injure or even kill people. Have your kids memorize three things to do whenever they come in contact with a gun: stop any activity they are doing, walk out of the area where the gun is and inform an adult. It is crucial for a child to actually leave the area so he can be spared from accidents, in case there’s another child there who does not know that he’s not supposed to touch the gun. A three-year-old child is already capable of pulling a trigger.
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A lot of kids live in homes with guns, especially if the family is into recreational hunting. If you have a gun in your house, you should take the time to educate your kids about how to stay safe and act responsibly around it. And remember these family safety rules: 1. Empty the gun of ammunition. 2. Make sure the gun is locked and put it in a place your kids cannot reach (hiding is not enough). 3. Find another place where you can store the ammunition away from the gun, and be sure that it is locked. 4. Keep the keys to the gun and ammunition away from where you keep your household keys. 5. Lock up your gun-cleaning products too because they are usually poisonous. 6. Do not leave the gun unattended even for a few minutes while cleaning it. Call your local police, not 911 or any other emergency line, if you want to dispose of a gun you own or discovered in your home. Laws differ from state to state, but often, cops will investigate if the firearm has criminal involvement, and then they will destroy it. There is another option, a program that brings unwanted guns to a certain place where they would be unusable. Call your local police department to ask about such a program.

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